Rivas Construction

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With over 14 years of experience, Rivas Construction specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling, room additions and much more. Founded by Jose Rivas in 2018, his family owned and operated company serves San Diego and the surrounding areas. Rivas Construction was ready for a change when they began to focus more attention towards their online audience and presence. I was brought in to assist in starting their journey towards a cleaner and more modern asthetic on some of their marketing materials listed below.



Print Collateral

Web Collateral

Truck Wrap 

Mural (pending)



My client started off by letting me know that they didn't want to change the logo too much, but was looking for modern version for his new website and social media accounts. Jose Rivas takes great pride in his Guatemalen heritage, and understandably requested that the pyramid, Tikal, stays in the same place. Our goal was to end up with a sleek design that would adapt well to print, web, and embroidery while keeping the elements of the pyrimid intact. 

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I created these business cards in Illustrator adding on some more elements like the QR code and social media handles. The old card had an odd pairing of fonts and an unbalanced use of negative space. I also designed some mock ups for letterheads and envelopes, this was something I suggested to the client to ensure his branding is seen throughout other print media. Rivas Construction also requested a design for his vechicles that would act as advertisement for the road.

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This is a mock-up of the truck wrap that I created in Photoshop for my client to visualize what the design will look like before he sends it off to the printers. 


I created a variety of advertisements for different applications such as web, Instagram, and Facebook. I added images of the most common and desired projects for the company to reflect the type of client 

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