Rivas Construction

This is a logo I redesigned for a client that was looking to refresh his company. He was beginning to use social media more frequently and wanted a new modern take on an old logo. My client holds his Guatemalan culture dear, and I wanted to make sure that it was still the focus of the design. I studied the Guatemalan pyramid, the Great Jaguar of Tikal, and simplified it to a shape that would be able to be translated from a small business card, to a large commercial truck or even a website advertisement.

Tools: Sketchbook, Photoshop, Illustrator


YNZ Marketing +Media

I created this logo for my husband and his new business venture he is currently developing. YNZ Marketing + Media aims to help local businesses update their marketing and sales practices. He has a range of services such as: drone photography, video editing, social media advertising, and marketing consultation. He requested for this logo to be inspired by the Aztec symbol called, Olin. Seeing this symbol reminded me of a drone, which made it a very interesting project! He wanted something that was modern, but gave a nod to history. I created two versions to adapt to his wide range of services.

Tools: Photoshop, Illustrator




Chalk Art


A regular client came to me with a very cool project to overhaul the interior of her kitchen cabinets with chalk art. We both agreed that "permanent chalk" did not look very good compared to good ol' chalk. I initially designed the images in Photoshop and transferred them to the doors after applying chalkboard paint. It is sealed with hairspray, which is not 100% permanent, but preserved the chalk texture unlike any other products researched.

Tools: Photoshop, chalk, white pastel chalk, hairspray, chalkboard paint, gold leaf,

acrylic paint, primer


*I am planning to take better photos of the doors once the kitchen is completed with renovations, stay tuned!

Book Illustration

I met a local author while out painting a mural, that had written an adorable story with his wife, called the Lonely Little Bumbershoot. This lovely couple came to me with a blank book and a wonderful work ethic. I sketched out the concepts of each page on paper and finalized it in Photoshop. I had free range to create anything, except the cover design was a collaborative effort. It is my first book and won't be the last!

Tools: Photoshop, Cintiq

the Lonely Little Bumbershoot

Transported halfway around the world from the wonderfully rainy streets of London, a little green umbrella finds himself in a strange city where the sky is almost always clear. Cast aside by the boy who once loved him, the Lonely Little Bumbershoot will never know happiness again. Or will he? A poignant tale of love, loss, and the journey toward a new life.

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