10% of proceeds are donated to animal shelters!

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1 pet

8.5" Heart $85

8" x 8"  $99

12" x 12"  $135

2 pets

8.5" Heart $99

6"x12" $120

9" x 12"  $145

11" x 14"  $165

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Derpy Pet Portraits was founded in 2017 by San Diego artist, Brise Birdsong. She uses her passion of art to improve the lives of animals in need.

10% of every purchase goes to local animal rescue facilities that are rotated on a quarterly basis. Although dogs are popular DPP clients, all species of pets are welcome to be derpified!


She was inspired by a utility box she painted in Mission Valley in San Diego. Brise based her designs off the dogs living in the neighborhood, representing each breed in a unique & humorous way. After this box, she started to paint similar designs as gifts for family & friends. Now you can enjoy a goofy painting of your beloved pet!

Each painting is designed individually to capture each pet's personality. Every wood panel canvas is hand sanded, primed and painted by Brise. These paintings are made with love one at a time!

Celebrate your pet's unique character & make an impact in the lives of animals in the community. Order online today, they also make great gifts!



Brise's mission is to help animals in need through art. By purchasing a Derpy Pet Portrait, you are automatically adding onto a quarterly donation to featured shelter. Every few months, there is a new animal rescue or shelter that will assume this donation. Although, you may request to have your purchase donate to a specific shelter in the ordering process.



Current Donation Recipient

July 1- December 31


Kira Rescue

In honor of Kira: Abused, geriatric and special needs K9's are rescued and rehabilitated for a second chance at life. KIRA is a 501c3 Non Profit that strives to rescue dogs from extreme cases of abuse and neglect, finding them loving homes once they have been rehabilitated. We support and work with like minded organizations and rescue centers in an effort to become a unified front for K9 welfare and animal rights. We believe in and firmly support spay and neuter efforts.Want to donate? Send donations to 


Phone: (760)815-9978



Office: Vista, California

Past Donation Recipients



Pup of the Month is a collaboration between Derpy Pet Portraits and the staff at the WeWork location in Downtown San Diego, CA. Each month, a working dog from the office space will be featured in their full derpy potential in their lobby!

Derpy Pet Portraits wants to celebrate the hard working dogs of the office and their unique personalities.


Stay tuned for the next Pup the first week of the month!

Pup of the Month _Dpp FLYER_jAN20-01.png

Pup of the Month Gallery




Frenchie Coffee Roasters

Frenchie Coffee Roasters is a coffee roaster who focuses on organic grown coffee beans and helping out animals in need!


We have partnered up to support each other's cause!

Each purchase of their products through our link will donate towards DPP's Donation Recipient. 

Click below to help animals through coffee!


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