Sudberry Properties  // San Diego, CA // Jan 2017-present

This ongoing project expands throughout the exterior & interior of the CIVITA property in Mission Valley. These boxes are designed with San Diego in mind, featuring subjects like local species of plants & animals. Keep your eye out for more art throughout the property!



Makers Quarter // 15th St // San Diego, CA // 2016

Visual Public Art Project

Visual Shop //  San Diego, CA // 2015-2016

The VISUAL Public Art Project was founded by Jason Gould, owner and operator of VISUAL urban contemporary art.
The project is designed to engage the community with contemporary art and act as an alternative venue for artists.  Using neglected public space, artists transform each neighborhood into a colorful gallery of public art. The following works in this slideshow are soley completed by Brise Birdsong.


Fenton Marketplace 

Sudberry Properties // Friars Rd // San Diego, CA // 2014-2015


Rio Vista 

Excell Properties // Station Village Lane // San Diego, CA // 2014

This box was inspired by the high concentration of dog owners in San Diego. Dogs who walked by have been represented. Unfortunately it has been painted over :'(


Urban Collaborative Project

Curated by Urban Collaborative // Euclid Ave & Groveland Dr // San Diego, CA // 2013

Through efforts of community outreach, the Urban Collaborative Project is a program that actively improves San Diego neighborhoods. This 6' x 125' mural was created for the local youth in effort to promote healthy lifestyles & reduce gang activity. Designed by Brise Birdsong & painted by volunteers of all ages. Thanks to the dedication of many volunteers, the project collectively took about 7 days. In late 2014, a garden was installed in front of the mural. What once was an eyesore is now a beautiful part of a neighborhood. This was Brise's first mural.