Paperback x Hardcover x Kindle

 English x Spanish

62 illustrated pages  x Ages 4+

 Published by Three Jelly Bean Press 2014

The Lonely Little Bumbershoot

 Written by Jeff x Brenda Edwards // Illustrated by Brise Birdsong


Transported half way around the world from the wonderfully rainy streets of London, a little green umbrella finds himself in a strange city where the sky is almost always clear. Cast aside by the boy who once loved him, the Lonely Little Bumbershoot will never know happiness again. Or will he? A poignant tale of love, loss, and the journey toward a new life.


“A wonderful story, beautifully done! The illustrations are fresh and engaging. Children and adults will enjoy reading this happy story over and over.”

- Suzy Spafford, Creator of Suzy’s Zoo


Winner of 2015 San Diego Book Award for Best Picture Book

Bronze Winner of 2016 Wishing Shelf Independent Book Awards